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Mistakes learnt, Knowledge gained

Hihi again friends! 👋🏻 As I continue my journey at the atelier, I realized that there are so much more to learn about leather crafting. So, in this blog post I will share some of the mistakes to prevent when crafting and also some amusing skills I've learnt.  Hole Punching Hole punching in itself is a simple task to do. However, it can be hard to punch through leather as there bound to be remnants of leftover strips after punching, if the hole was not punched cleanly. Another point to note is to make sure the base of the hole puncher is a flat surface. As the hole puncher at Crafune is used daily, sometimes when too much strength is...

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Day in the Life of an Intern at a Leather Craft Atelier

Hello hello fellow leather crafters! 👋🏻 I am Dawn a student studying Business Management at Singapore Management University and I am a marketing intern at Crafune. Whenever I tell others that I am a marketing intern, interning at a leather craft workshop their first reaction is to ask "Huh, so what do you do? 🤔", so to answer that question, I will be sharing my experiences of what I do and what happens at the atelier everyday.  First day at work With completely no background in leather crafting, I was nervous and had no expectations on how my internship will be like. Despite having no knowledge on leather crafting, I definitely felt excited to experience and learn more about leather...

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The Basic Tools of Leather Crafting.

Leather crafting could be an expensive hobby due to the extensive amount of tools and machine. The luring attractiveness of leather (and the wide variety of them) might seduce you to spend more than what you expect to spend. 

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