Touring around Haji Lane

Touring around Haji Lane

Helloo everyone 👋🏻, to continue with my previous blog post, I will be sharing on how I will spend my day as a tourist at Haji Lane/Crafune!


At Crafune, we have 3 different time slots for most of our workshops (11:15AM, 3PM & 5PM). For me I prefer going for either the 11:15AM or 3PM slot if I have the whole day free. But for those that have work in the morning going for the 5PM slot will be an alternative.


Breakfast ☕️ 

If you are planning to book a workshop at 11:15AM, there are several places that you can visit for breakfast before coming for the workshop. Usually there isn’t many options for breakfast as most food place open for lunch. But Brotherbird Coffeehouse located at Bali Lane is one bakery you can visit to get a croissant 🥐 to fill your stomach. Alternatively, for the coffee lovers, you can visit Arabica% at Arab Street to get a cup of coffee before visiting out atelier at Haji Lane (Fun fact: This is the first Arabica% to open in Singapore).  



Lunch 🍽

After your morning workshop or before the start of your afternoon workshop, some of my favourite places for lunch are, eat 3 bowls, PerghChicks, Golden Mile Complex and Char Kway Teow at 341 Beach Road.


Eat 3 bowls is a Taiwanese restaurant that is known for their Eat-3-bowl set that consist of braised pork rice, chicken rice and oyster intestines mee sua 🦪 with a cup of bubble tea. Although it’s a 10 minutes walk away from Crafune, I always enjoy walking there for lunch accompanied by my favorite bubble tea.



PerghChicks is a muslim based store that sells chicken chop. The sauce they use has a tint of satay taste which makes it unique. Other than that, they also sell their burgers in ramly burger style 🍔. For a more Malay cuisine this would be the place to go. If not there are many other Malay cuisine stores around! 



If you are an indecisive person and want to decide from a few choices, Golden Mile Complex has a variety of cuisines but my favourite meal there will be the chicken rice and beef noodles 🍜. Not to forget a bowl of Tang Yuan (Chinese Glutinous Rice Balls) as dessert. [Sadly I do not have any pictures because I was too excited to eat ><]


Last but not least, 341 Beach Road sells great local food like Char kway teow, Hokkien Prawn noodles, Duck rice and Claypot rice. If you are craving for local food or want to try the local tastebuds do visit there! [I also do not have any pictures for reference ><]


Desserts 🍨

After a great meal is anybody up for dessert? One thing that I LOVE about Haji Lane are the bakeries around Crafune. One of my favourites is Mixed Fruit Danish from French American Bakery opposite of Crafune.



For a more cooling option like ice cream and bubble tea, there are several shops around the area. In this hot summer weather all year round, ice-cream really helps to cool your body down. I will recommend Birds of Paradise one street down from Haji Lane and Momolato which is right beside our store 🍦!



[ Left: Momolato, Right: Birds of Paradise]


For bubble tea options 🧋, Zest Taiwan Café @ DUO and Machi Machi located at the start of Arab Street are the places to go! Something special I like about the Zest Café is the twin bear topping while for Machi Machi, I love theie clear tea and also their aesthetic.



[Left: Zest Taiwan Cafe (can u find the twin bear?) Right: Machi Machi]


Dinner/Supper 🍹

And for the night owls or those that are attending the evening workshop at 5PM, Haji Lane is the best place to end a day with some food and drink. I do not really have a particular place I will recommend but do check out the different bars along Haji Lane after your workshop!


I hope that you guys enjoyed my recommendations as much as I do 😝! I focused a lot more on the food aspect but of course there is much more to Haji Lane and Kampong Glam, so do check it out when you visit us 😚!

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