Lyra 卡夹 - 矢车菊



使用我们的 Lyra 卡夹让您度过这一年,提升您的日常造型。

背面 - 2 个插槽

中心 - 1 个插槽

Dimension: 10.2 厘米(长)x 7.3 厘米(高)x 0.5 厘米(深)

A Personal Touch

Make It Uniquely Yours

We provide hotstamping of name or initials, adding the personal touch for a perfect gift.

Built to Last

The experience of using our products should be enjoyable and lasting. Hence, we choose to use flexible, durable and scratch-resistant pebble-grain cowhide that could withstand the test of time.


Things to Note:


Our personalization with hotstamping or blind debossing are done manually by hands and this process required trained precision of our craftsmen and time. This add on the lead time before shipping. Do check with us if you need the products urgently


All our pieces are made with real leather. As much as we avoid irregularities such as scratches, blemishes and scars, they may still be present on certain parts of the leather pieces. This is normal on real leather products and should not be considered a defect.


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