Located along Haji Lane, attend a hands on leather crafting experience. Choose from a variety of colours and customise your work with hot stamping.
Learn the basics of leather crafting (from skilled craftsmen) and perhaps pick up a new hobby!



31 件产品

Food Waste and Bioleather WorkshopFood Waste and Bioleather Workshop
3 Small Accessories Workshop - Crafune3 Small Accessories Workshop - Crafune
3小配件课程 促销价格$85.00
Cardholder Workshop - CrafuneCardholder Workshop - Crafune
卡包课程 促销价格$89.00
节省 $21.00
媚兰手袋课程 促销价格$129.00 原价$150.00
节省 $26.00
媚兰手袋课程 促销价格$139.00 原价$165.00
双折钱包课程 促销价格$180.00
节省 $38.00
媚兰手袋课程 促销价格$160.00 原价$198.00
简约双折钱包 促销价格$95.00
媚兰手袋课程 促销价格$230.00
ID Card Lanyard Workshop - CrafuneID Card Lanyard Workshop - Crafune
身份证挂绳课程 促销价格$89.00
No Stitch - 3 Accessories Workshop - CrafuneNo Stitch - 3 Accessories Workshop - Crafune
No Stitch-3配件课程 促销价格$79.00 起
Moneta Mini Wallet Workshop - CrafuneMoneta Mini Wallet Workshop - Crafune
Moneta迷你钱包课程 促销价格$85.00
Zip Cardholder Wallet - CrafuneZip Cardholder Wallet - Crafune
拉链卡夹钱包 促销价格$129.00
Passport Cover Workshop - CrafunePassport Cover Workshop - Crafune
护照套课程 促销价格$109.00
玛雅包包课程 促销价格$180.00
节省 $45.00
Cross body Bag Workshop - Crafune
斜挎包课程 促销价格$105.00 原价$150.00
节省 $41.00
Melanie Bag Workshop - CrafuneMelanie Bag Workshop - Crafune
媚兰手袋课程 促销价格$119.00 原价$160.00
Minimalist Bi-fold Wallet - CrafuneMinimalist Bi-fold Wallet - Crafune
简约双折钱包 促销价格$145.00
Bifold Wallet Workshop - CrafuneBifold Wallet Workshop - Crafune
双折钱包课程 促销价格$180.00
Short Zipper Wallet - CrafuneShort Zipper Wallet - Crafune
短拉链钱包 促销价格$230.00
Watch Straps Workshop - CrafuneWatch Straps Workshop - Crafune
手表表带课程 促销价格$150.00
Pencil Case Workshop - CrafunePencil Case Workshop - Crafune
铅笔盒课程 促销价格$109.00
Money Clip Workshop - CrafuneMoney Clip Workshop - Crafune
钱夹课程 促销价格$79.00
Key Pouch Workshop - CrafuneKey Pouch Workshop - Crafune
钥匙袋课程 促销价格$109.00 起
护照套课程 促销价格$109.00
Kimi Phone Bag Workshop - CrafuneKimi Phone Bag Workshop - Crafune
基米手机袋课程 促销价格$119.00
Maeve Bag Workshop - CrafuneMaeve Bag Workshop - Crafune
Maeve 包包课程 促销价格$150.00
Kaylee Mini Bag Workshop - CrafuneKaylee Mini Bag Workshop - Crafune
凯利小手包课程 促销价格$105.00
节省 $15.00
Kendra Tote Bag Workshop - CrafuneKendra Tote Bag Workshop - Crafune
肯德拉手提袋课程 促销价格$135.00 原价$150.00
Extra seat / hour
Extra seat / hour 促销价格$20.00
Gift a Workshop!  (One year Validity) - CrafuneGift a Workshop!  (One year Validity) - Crafune