Warming up to Leather Crafting

Warming up to Leather Crafting

Hello friends!👋🏻 How have your leather craft journey been? If you have yet to start your journey or is stuck on how to continue, I will be sharing how my journey has progressed so far :") 


Moneta Mini Wallet 

The first time I saw someone attending the Moneta wallet workshop, I was instantly attracted by it 😍. I felt that the wallet is tiny and portable enough and at the same time still large enough for me to squeeze in a huge amount of cards and hard cash that I have. Thus, it felt like a very comfortable size for anyone that is finding a wallet that is small yet spacious. 


Secondly, another perk of the Moneta wallet will be the flexibility in choosing of colours, you can choose up to 4 colours for different parts of the wallet which allows your creative juices to flow freely 🤯. Although, having a plain single-toned wallet is pretty and simple on its own, I love the process of customizing and making my own wallet. So if you love to the flexibility of customizing, this is a workshop you will love to attend 🤩! (You are allowed to choose the colour you want for ALL our workshops!)

(I choose Navy as the base colour, accompanied by burgundy and tan brown)

Kimi Phone Bag 

Unlike the Moneta wallet, Kimi bag is made out of another type of leather called the Togo leather. Similarly, you can customize your bag by choosing the colour you want for the bag, the front pocket and the thread. After assembling your bag, you also get to choose the colour of your rope.

I like the design of the Kimi bag as you can put in your phone plus some small accessories like your house key, a packet of tissue and a card, which is enough when going for lunch or just going nearby to dabao (buy) food home. So if you are looking for something easy to bring around Kimi bag is the one 😆! 

(I choose to use yellow as the bag base with orange as the pocket as I thought it looks cute like a duck 🦆)

Both the Moneta wallet and the Kimi bag requires quite a bit of knocking which to me can be quite loud, but being able to look forward to the final product made by myself gives me the motivation to continue working on it until the end. I will say it is a worthwhile experience 🥰.

So, if you have yet to start your journey do start it and you will get to experience a whole new world in leather crafting and if you have already started your journey continue on into the endless world of leather crafts! 🤗 


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