Located along Haji Lane, attend a hands on leather crafting experience. Choose from a variety of colours and customise your work with hot stamping.
Learn the basics of leather crafting (from skilled craftsmen) and perhaps pick up a new hobby!


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3 Small Accessories Workshop - Crafune3 Small Accessories Workshop - Crafune
3 Small Accessories Workshop Sale price$99.00 AUD
Cardholder Workshop - CrafuneCardholder Workshop - Crafune
Cardholder Workshop Sale price$103.00 AUD
Save $24.00
Mini Pippa Bag WorkshopMini Pippa Bag Workshop
Mini Pippa Bag Workshop Sale price$150.00 AUD Regular price$174.00 AUD
Save $30.00
Pippa Bag WorkshopPippa Bag Workshop
Pippa Bag Workshop Sale price$161.00 AUD Regular price$191.00 AUD
Leather Marquetry Bag Tag Workshop at Jewel Changi AirportLeather Marquetry Bag Tag Workshop at Jewel Changi Airport
Wallet On Chain WorkshopWallet On Chain Workshop
Wallet On Chain Workshop Sale price$209.00 AUD
Save $43.00
Portia Bag WorkshopPortia Bag Workshop
Portia Bag Workshop Sale price$186.00 AUD Regular price$229.00 AUD
Basic Bi-fold WalletBasic Bi-fold Wallet
Basic Bi-fold Wallet Sale price$110.00 AUD
Perri Bag WorkshopPerri Bag Workshop
Perri Bag Workshop Sale price$266.00 AUD
ID Card Lanyard Workshop - CrafuneID Card Lanyard Workshop - Crafune
ID Card Lanyard Workshop Sale price$103.00 AUD
No Stitch - 3 Accessories Workshop - CrafuneNo Stitch - 3 Accessories Workshop - Crafune
No Stitch - 3 Accessories Workshop Sale priceFrom $92.00 AUD
Moneta Mini Wallet Workshop - CrafuneMoneta Mini Wallet Workshop - Crafune
Moneta Mini Wallet Workshop Sale price$99.00 AUD
Zip Cardholder Wallet - CrafuneZip Cardholder Wallet - Crafune
Zip Cardholder Wallet Sale price$150.00 AUD
Passport Cover Workshop - CrafunePassport Cover Workshop - Crafune
Passport Cover Workshop Sale price$127.00 AUD
Maya Bag Workshop - CrafuneMaya Bag Workshop - Crafune
Maya Bag Workshop Sale price$209.00 AUD
Save $52.00
Cross body Bag Workshop - Crafune
Cross body Bag Workshop Sale price$122.00 AUD Regular price$174.00 AUD
Save $48.00
Melanie Bag Workshop - CrafuneMelanie Bag Workshop - Crafune
Melanie Bag Workshop Sale price$138.00 AUD Regular price$186.00 AUD
Minimalist Bi-fold Wallet - CrafuneMinimalist Bi-fold Wallet - Crafune
Minimalist Bi-fold Wallet Sale price$168.00 AUD
Bifold Wallet Workshop - CrafuneBifold Wallet Workshop - Crafune
Bifold Wallet Workshop Sale price$209.00 AUD
Short Zipper Wallet - CrafuneShort Zipper Wallet - Crafune
Short Zipper Wallet Sale price$266.00 AUD
Watch Straps Workshop - CrafuneWatch Straps Workshop - Crafune
Watch Straps Workshop Sale price$174.00 AUD
Pencil Case Workshop - CrafunePencil Case Workshop - Crafune
Pencil Case Workshop Sale price$127.00 AUD
Money Clip Workshop - CrafuneMoney Clip Workshop - Crafune
Money Clip Workshop Sale price$92.00 AUD
Key Pouch Workshop - CrafuneKey Pouch Workshop - Crafune
Key Pouch Workshop Sale priceFrom $127.00 AUD
Card Case Wallet WorkshopCard Case Wallet Workshop
Card Case Wallet Workshop Sale price$127.00 AUD
Kimi Phone Bag Workshop - CrafuneKimi Phone Bag Workshop - Crafune
Kimi Phone Bag Workshop Sale price$138.00 AUD
Maeve Bag Workshop - CrafuneMaeve Bag Workshop - Crafune
Maeve Bag Workshop Sale price$174.00 AUD
Kaylee Mini Bag Workshop - CrafuneKaylee Mini Bag Workshop - Crafune
Kaylee Mini Bag Workshop Sale price$122.00 AUD
Save $17.00
Kendra Tote Bag Workshop - CrafuneKendra Tote Bag Workshop - Crafune
Kendra Tote Bag Workshop Sale price$157.00 AUD Regular price$174.00 AUD
Extra seat / hour
Extra seat / hour Sale price$24.00 AUD
Gift a Workshop!  (One year Validity) - CrafuneGift a Workshop!  (One year Validity) - Crafune
Gift a Workshop! (One year Validity) Sale priceFrom $91.35 AUD