Full-grain Vegetable-tanned Buffalo Leather - Dark Brown

Full-grain Vegetable-tanned Buffalo Leather - Dark Brown

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These are full-grain vegetable-tanned Buffalo leather with smooth grain finishing. The thickness of leather is around 1.0 mm to 1.2 mm, suitable for most type of leather work. These leather have high yield which is a more economical choice for leather crafting.

The leather will age graciously with a nice classic patina over time. 
The leather is a slightly firm and easy to cut or skive.  The firmness also will give some stiffness to your products and suitable for wet molding. 

Things to note:

For purchase in Full Hide / Half Hide, our pricing is based on 10 sqft for full hide and 5 sqft for half hide. Each hide varies in sizes and  we will not send any half hide that is less than 5 sqft or full hide that is less than 10 sqft.

In event where the piece given is larger than 5 sqft for half hide or 10 sqft for full hide, we will not charge you the additional amount of leather. Anything larger than expected will be yours to keep. 

However, we do not accommodate any request for the hide to be way larger than expected.

These are real leather comes from animals. Naturally, the animals can develop scratches, bite marks, branding, stretch marks and blemishes over their lifetime. Hence, these 'imperfections' are not deemed as defects. 

For full hide, it will be cut into smaller strips for shipment.