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Full Grain Epsom Vegetable-tanned Leather - Light Grey

Full Grain Epsom Vegetable-tanned Leather - Light Grey

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These are vegetable-tanned leather with Epsom print finishing. The thickness of leather is around 1.0 mm to 1.2 mm, suitable for most type of leather work. These leather have high yield which is a more economical choice for leather crafting.

The leather will age graciously with a nice classic patina over time. 
The leather is a slightly firm and easy to cut or skive. 


Tanning Method

Vegetable Tanning

Type of Skin


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  • Things to take note:

    For purchase in Full Hide / Half Side, the minimum size to ship out will be based on the amount indicated in the option. Anything larger than the size indicated will be yours to keep. We will not accomodate request to look for the larger hide to ship out.

    These are real leather comes from animals. Naturally, the animals can develop scratches, bite marks, branding, stretch marks and blemishes over their lifetime. Hence, these 'imperfections' are not deemed as defects. Residual dust may accumulate on the leather due to storage and shipment. 

  • Shipping:

    For local shipping (Singapore) of full hide, it will be handled by local door step delivery courier.

    Oversea shipment of leather will be shipped by Singpost (low weight limit and long shipping time), Fedex or UPS.

Curated Selection

For Craftsmen by Craftsmen

Our leather expert with experience over a decade will subject every selection of leathers to both aesthetics and quality checks. We stretched it, skived it, folded it and even craft with it to ensure it is suitable for crafting.

As craftsmen, we understand that some leather hides are simply not enjoyable when crafting with them. We are picky with what we use and we only sell what we will enjoy using.

Learn how to use

Choosing the right material

Great work are made with the right skills and choosing the suitable leather.

We will be running our series of tutorials and videos on our blog on techniques, tips and insights on leather crafting.