The Joy of Haji Lane

The Joy of Haji Lane

Hello I’m back (again) 🤪! In this blog I will be sharing a bit about the joy of working at Haji Lane and why I love this location so much 🥰


Personally, I’m someone that enjoy the slow pace of life, so when I enter Haji Lane it makes me feel relaxed and carefree, due to its chill vibes (Especially when looking at the smiles on the tourists faces 😊). Other than the laid back vibes, Haji Lane is known for its mural arts, culture, and FOOD!



The mural arts further enhance the carefree vibes at Haji Lane and brightens the whole ally with beautiful colours 🌈.



Being part of the famous Kampong Glam, many stores in Haji Lane is closely related to the Muslim religion. There are many Muslim related stores, from food 🥘to textiles🥻 and even a Mosque 🕌 on Arab street right next to Haji Lane, which portrays its cultural aspect. 



Being a foodie myself, the moment I look forward to most is lunch time! Looking for new places to eat during lunch break is my small happiness. Moreover, there are many desserts 🍧 and pastries 🥐 shop around which test my self-control, to not spent extra money and at the same time not to consume too much calories.



[One of my Favourite bakery shop that is Muslim-friendly]


Having to intern at such a chill environment helps me to look forward to work daily and furthermore I feel that being in this artistic environment also helps my creative juices flow more freely. I'm sure that many of our customers feels the same when they come to make their leather product 🎨.

Interning around so many interesting activities and looking at the tourist and customers that come by, I've always wondered if I am a tourist how would I spend my day at Haji Lane... 

So, if you are visiting our store for a workshop or to take a look at our products, do look out for the places I will be sharing in the next blog! 🤩

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