Leather Crafting from another Perspective

Leather Crafting from another Perspective

Hellooo i'm back again! But this time instead of sharing my own journey, I will be writing about the experiences of my fellow intern Titus 😎. Titus is a product design intern studying in LASALLE College of the Arts, he is interested in leather crafting way before his intern here and even creates his own products. I will be interviewing him on his journey with leather crafting. 


How did you started leather crafting? 

While he was working in the United States (US), Titus went for many leather craft workshops and through them he started gaining an interest in leather crafting. He mentioned that it was easy for him to find and source for resources like leather, tools and hardware in the US, moreover, they were not too expensive to afford. Therefore, it wasn't hard for him to pick this hobby up. 

He added on that although he also attended other crafts workshops like pottery, leather craft did not require too much space for a start as compared to other crafts. Which led him to start exploring and making leather crafts 🎨. After starting off small, he started venturing deeper into leather crafting. Wanting to do bigger projects that require machines, he started buying different types of machine from a sewing machine to a die cut machine. Something, I found admirable was when he mentioned that his small business was mainly for the fun and not for the profits. To me this comment shows his passion and hobby for crafts which I admire. 


 (Machines Titus own)


What brought you to Crafune?

Wanting to learn more about how the Singapore leather craft culture. Titus tried to find an internship at one of the leather craft company. He also mentioned, he was finding one that focuses more on the workshop aspect. Since Crafune does quite an amount of workshop on a daily basis, he decided to join as an intern to understand more about the industry. 



What are your daily tasks? 

Being a product design intern, the stuff he is tasked to do are quite different from what I do especially since he already has experience with leather crafting. Thus he is required to do more designing as compared to me. 

From day-to-day he has to conduct and teach workshops to customers that comes to our store. When it is less busy, Titus also helps to design new prototypes and improve the current designs to make them a better fit for use. There are also times where we collaborate for certain tasks like filming of video 🎬or taking of photos since his has more experience than me. (Thank you Titus!) 




What do you do on the side?

On the side, when he is at home he makes his own Birkenstock sandals and also enjoy making bear bricks at home 🧸.  Which interestingly are all related to crafts. 

(Titus's Bear Bricks)


After reading about Titus's journey with leather crafting, made me reflect on my own journey with leather craft and how I gained an interest in it 🤍. So what about you? How was your leather craft journey like 🛣? 

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