Located along Haji Lane, attend a hands on leather crafting experience. Choose from a variety of colours and customise your work with hot stamping.
Learn the basics of leather crafting (from skilled craftsmen) and perhaps pick up a new hobby!


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3 Small Accessories Workshop - Crafune3 Small Accessories Workshop - Crafune
Cardholder Workshop - CrafuneCardholder Workshop - Crafune
Cardholder Workshop Sale priceFrom $69.00
ID Card Lanyard Workshop - CrafuneID Card Lanyard Workshop - Crafune
ID Card Lanyard Workshop Sale priceFrom $69.00
No Stitch - 3 Accessories Workshop - CrafuneNo Stitch - 3 Accessories Workshop - Crafune
No Stitch - 3 Accessories Workshop Sale priceFrom $61.00
Moneta Mini Wallet Workshop - CrafuneMoneta Mini Wallet Workshop - Crafune
Zip Cardholder Wallet - CrafuneZip Cardholder Wallet - Crafune
Zip Cardholder Wallet Sale price$99.00
Passport Cover Workshop - CrafunePassport Cover Workshop - Crafune
Passport Cover Workshop Sale priceFrom $84.00
Minimalist Bi-fold Wallet - CrafuneMinimalist Bi-fold Wallet - Crafune
Minimalist Bi-fold Wallet Sale priceFrom $112.00
Bifold Wallet Workshop - CrafuneBifold Wallet Workshop - Crafune
Bifold Wallet Workshop Sale priceFrom $139.00
Short Zipper Wallet - CrafuneShort Zipper Wallet - Crafune
Short Zipper Wallet Sale price$177.00
Watch Straps Workshop - CrafuneWatch Straps Workshop - Crafune
Watch Straps Workshop Sale price$116.00
Pencil Case Workshop - CrafunePencil Case Workshop - Crafune
Pencil Case Workshop Sale price$84.00
Money Clip Workshop - CrafuneMoney Clip Workshop - Crafune
Money Clip Workshop Sale priceFrom $61.00
Key Pouch Workshop - CrafuneKey Pouch Workshop - Crafune
Key Pouch Workshop Sale priceFrom $84.00
Card Case Wallet WorkshopCard Case Wallet Workshop
Card Case Wallet Workshop Sale price$84.00
Kimi Phone Bag Workshop - CrafuneKimi Phone Bag Workshop - Crafune
Kimi Phone Bag Workshop Sale price$92.00
Kaylee Mini Bag Workshop - CrafuneKaylee Mini Bag Workshop - Crafune
Kaylee Mini Bag Workshop Sale price$81.00
Save $12.00
Kendra Tote Bag Workshop - CrafuneKendra Tote Bag Workshop - Crafune
Kendra Tote Bag Workshop Sale price$104.00 Regular price$116.00
Kiara Backpack Workshop - CrafuneKiara Backpack Workshop - Crafune
Kiara Backpack Workshop Sale price$139.00
Save $35.00
Cross body Bag Workshop - CrafuneCross body Bag Workshop - Crafune
Cross body Bag Workshop Sale price$81.00 Regular price$116.00
Save $31.00
Melanie Bag Workshop - CrafuneMelanie Bag Workshop - Crafune
Melanie Bag Workshop Sale price$92.00 Regular price$123.00
Maeve Bag Workshop - CrafuneMaeve Bag Workshop - Crafune
Maeve Bag Workshop Sale price$116.00
Maya Bag Workshop - CrafuneMaya Bag Workshop - Crafune
Maya Bag Workshop Sale price$139.00
Gift a Workshop!  (One year Validity) - CrafuneGift a Workshop!  (One year Validity) - Crafune
Extra seat / hour
Extra seat / hour Sale price$16.00