The card that you received are not just a business card.

A Simple Card with Many Stories

It represents us.


We specially had our card made with leather printed texture to represent our core business.

Instead of printing our information, we had our information engraved in gold foil to represent our capability to personalise our leather goods.

The card is designed with multiple usage to represent our diverse offering of products and experiences.

Experience #1: Leather Crafting Template

Step 1:


Find a suitable piece of leather. I would recommend vegetable-tanned leather for this project.

Trace the template onto the leather with an awl.

Step 2:


Cut out the tracing with a pen knife and ruler.

Step 3:

Fold and Stitch

Fold and stitch the edge. Done!
You can use the front slot for folded cash and the main slot for cards.

Experience #2: Paper Thin Cardholder

Step 1

Find Glue

Get a bottle of glue or a glue stick. Any adhesive that work with paper will be suitable.

Step 2:

Use Glue

Apply the glue to the area labeled with 'Glue Here'.

Step 3:


Fold and stick the edge. Done!
You can use the front slot for folded cash and the main slot for cards.

Experience #3: Bookmark and Ruler

Step 1:


Simply crease and tear along the perforated line in the center.

Step 2:


You can use the side with QR code as a bookmark.

Step 3:


You can use the other side of the card as a ruler.


You can use the card as a flexible ruler to measure unusual shape.

Similar to our work, we design things to adapt to your needs.

P.S. Yes, the glue stick's circumference is 8 cm.


Even though we are the leather company, we make things with various materials such as wood, metal, paper and acrylic.

Maroquinerie Meets Modernity

We create functional and timeless leather goods with the knowledge of the traditional leathercraft that would not only provide convenience to our clients but also an enjoyable experience of using the leather work.

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