Tutorial: Accordion Cardholder

Tutorial: Accordion Cardholder

Today's tutorial is for the Accordion Cardholder, it can fit a surprisingly large number if cards. 

The template is attached at the end of this tutorial, we recommend looking through all the steps before starting.

Leather used: Epsom Leather  (Epsom leather is softer as compared to heritage leather, but it is still structured)


Time Taken: 3 to 5 hours depending on how fast you stitch

1) Cut template


2) Trace with awl


3) Cut leather and punch holes for stitching and buttons


Tip: For the concave parts you can use a single hole punch size 10 to punch the concave portion out before using a penknife.

4) Crease line (optional) - Personalization (optional), Sand and Burnish


Pink - Crease (optional), Sand and Burnish

Purple - Crease (optional)

6) Use a wing divider to mark out stitching line, use a diamond chisel to punch out stitching holes.


Green - Mark out stitching lines and punch stitching holes

Tip: Use stitching hole matching technique - mark out the centre of each piece on the horizontal edge, start punching stitch holes from the centre.

7) Center and Mark out U-Shape - Glue - punch stitching hole for u-shape


Yellow - where U-shape should be marked out, aligned to the top of the leather, in the centre

Over here we placed the glue on the outside of the u-shape, however we do recommend placing the glue on the inside of the u-shape.

After gluing down the pieces, punch the stitching holes along the u-shape.

You should get something as seen below.

Green - Punch stitching holes

8) Draw stitch line and punch stitching hole on bottom half of the large rectangular piece 


This is the same process as step 6. The holes should be aligned to the red piece, the red piece and large rectangle will be stitched together at the end. 

9) Set Button


We will be setting the buttons accordingly. The end results are below.

10) Apply glue to the top half of the large rectangular piece (the side which holes have yet to be punched), stick to small rectangular piece.


11) Use wing divider to mark out stitch lines, punch stitching holes. There should be an additional hole for stitching right above the edge of the small rectangle.


Green line - draw stitch lines, punch stitching holes, extra hole at the arrows

12) Saddle stitch u-shape and button side for large rectangle piece.


Yellow - Saddle Stitch accordingly

You should get the following pieces after stitching.


13) Stitch the following pieces together 


Your wallet should be done following this step.

14) Crease (optional) Sand and Burnish.

End Product


You download the template here

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