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Wafer Paper Art Rose DIY Kit

Wafer Paper Art Rose DIY Kit

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Explore your inner creativity! Presented by Atev Art, the Wafer Paper Art Rose starter kit  enables one to create their own wafer paper rose with unique. This wafer paper rose can be displayed as decoration on its own, or placed in a capsule attached to a keychain, perfect way to explore this form of edible art through wafer paper, suitable for kids above 7 year old. 

The kit contains:

x1 small paint brush
x1 big paint brush
x3 prime edible food colour
x1 colour mixing plate
Flower mold
Small and big Wafer Paper Petals (pre-cut)
Shredded wafer paper (to make the glue)
Instruction sheet

Even though the techniques can be applied to cake decoration, it is advisable not to consume due to food and hygiene concerns.

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