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Cardholder Starter Kit (4.0mm Diamond Chisel)

Cardholder Starter Kit (4.0mm Diamond Chisel)

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Colour for Main Body
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Make your own cardholder from scratch!

1 set of cardholder in each pack. 

Ideal for storing daily cards, business cards and even small dollar notes.

Each starter kit comes with pre-cut vegetable-tanned leather pieces and a step-by-step video guide to help you kickstart your leathercrafting journey. High-quality tools also come with each kit so that you can continue to practice leathercrafting without having to spend more money. You can reuse these tools while you learn and have fun with any leather craft projects you have in mind!

Our kits contain:
- Pre-cut cardholder premium vegetable tanned leather pieces
- Waxed thread
- Thread cutter
- Round headed Needles

- Non-toxic water-based adhesive 
- Edge finishing gum
- Spreader
- Stitching Punch
- Wing Divider
- Burnishing Rod
- Sander
- Mallet (basic)
- Punching Board
- Clear and concise instructions with illustrations

Note: This is not a completed product - When all leather pieces are assembled,
you will have a brand new cardholder!

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