[Father's Day] Fortis Bi-fold Wallet + Key Pouch + Curasia Health Screening Voucher (Worth $538)

Sale price$247.00 AUD

Fortis Bi-fold Wallet

This wallet offers masculine elegance and unparalleled durability. Its functional and timeless design makes it an essential accessory, capable of securely storing cards and cash with a card separator. 

Key Pouch

Keep your keys safe and stylish with this simple, yet effective accessory. It prevent your keys from scratching your daily carry in your bag. It easily fit in a pocket, and also make a great gift for new homeowners.

Curasia Health Screening Voucher (Worth $300) - Please contact Curasia and send in a screenshot of your order to book appointment

Health screening voucher consists of checking one's blood and urine for renal function, lipid, liver, hepatitis and thyroid profile, and tumor markers. 

Fortis Bi-fold Wallet Colours: Pitch Black
Key Pouch: Pitch Black